Yo Yo Dieting

You would think that the problem most overweight people have with diets is lack of motivation and discipline. Apparently this isn’t always the case and it is in fact their motivation to lose weight quickly that leads to their downfall.

If you decided one day that you’ve had enough of being a sack of blubber then you’re likely to want to drop your excess weight as quickly as possible. This begins a chain of events that more often than not brings you back exactly where you started.

You begin by drastically decreasing your intake as well making huge modifications to the types of food you consume. For the first couple of days you feel fine as hunger hasn’t set in yet and you wonder what the big deal is about dieting.

Then slowly you start to feel the effects of your fasting but you take pleasure in the slight empty feeling in your stomach. This is when you step on the scales to see the results of your 3 days of dieting. Unsurprisingly you haven’t lost any weight. Although you may rationally understand that you haven’t given your system enough time to lose weight you are demoralized and your initial extreme dedication starts to fray at the edges.

Then real hunger pangs begin to set in. Making every possible excuse for yourself you wander around looking for a chance to cheat. You find it in the form of a cupcake and tell yourself that exceptions are fine. Your fat tongue tastes the chocolate and sends pleasure hormones exploding throughout your brain. The battle has now been lost. You bounce back to your old ways and probably find that you are even fatter than before.

So what went wrong? Your expectations weren’t properly managed. The most effective diets make small adjustments and show results over months rather than days. These are also much less likely to result in the yo-yo effect.

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