Does Whey Protein Have Any Side Effects?

Are you worried about taking Whey Protein because of potential side effects? If you are, then stop worrying, whey protein in either isolate or concentrate form, is just that, it is pure protein – unlike some other types of supplements and drugs, whey protein supplements contain mostly whey based protein and some other ingredients like carbohydrates, calcium, some fats, and some other ingredients which really aren’t that special. There are no side effects of extra consumption of protein.

So in other words, you can expect no real side effects of taking whey protein supplements. Other than maybe gaining some lean mass, which is what you want. Also, there have been no documented side effects of whey protein so in essence it’s just like the food you eat.

In the end what limits people from taking a lot of Whey Protein is ultimately the cost and beyond a certain point it just ends up leaving your body as waste, so work out exactly how much your body needs for your type of activity and stick to it.

The usual amount that you need is 1g of protein for every pound of body weight you have, so factor in your average protein intake from your other meals and make up the deficit with whey protein or vice versa. Anything extra will just go down the drain so make sure not to consume extra.

So do not worry, there are absolutely no whey protein side effects.

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  1. kws75 says:

    I have a side effect from eating whey. It is quite common. It is called an allergy. If you experience aching joints and unexplained pain, I suggest you check with your doctor to see if you have an allergy to whey.

  2. ayhom says:

    i’m worreid about the propable side effects of whey protein like liver damage,renal failure, osteoporosis due to increasing the ph of blood and making it acidic which lead to secretion of calcium from bones! also it may increase the darkness under the eyes and lead to dark spots on the skin..

  3. ayhom says:


  4. says:

    I’m sensitive to whey in dairy products too. I thought it was the lactose, but it’s not. Any way to avoid it in dairy?

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