When Should I Take Whey Protein?

Whether you have already bought your Whey Protein, or you are about to, one important thing that you must know is when to take whey protein. Then based on this guide and your requirement you will also know how much of it you will need over a specific period of time. So in the interests of getting the maximum return on your purchase lets look at what we need to do to get the best possible results.

When i started working out and i was introduced to the concept of Whey Proteins and what they could do for me, i still didn’t take enough, so i got online and asked around, did some research and eventually settled on what i am about to tell you as the best method of taking it. The great thing about Whey protein is the digestibility of it, that is shortly after you have taken it, its in your system.

After a fair amount of research and personal experience to see what works best. I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 times that would best represent the times you should be taking it:

1. In the morning : As soon as you wake up

2. 30-45 minutes Before your workout and Immediately after working out (yes take a premixed bottle with you) and 25 minutes after your workout

3. At night : just as you are about to sleep, preferably in a glass of milk and not water. The reason for taking it with milk is that milk is based on casein protein which is the kind which takes longer to digest, so while you sleep the protein from the whey will be absorbed very quickly and the protein from the milk will be absorbed later leading to much better intake of protein for when you need it the most, while you sleep.

Now remember that this is what works best for me, my protein intake is set to 2 servings per day but this will vary depending on your diet and body weight and how much protein you actually need aside from your meals. Ultimately when to take whey protein is up to you, but use these as a rough guideline and you should be fine.

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  1. birch says:

    What is the purpose of whey? How does it affect weight loss?

  2. nishan says:

    hey it’s OK to take whey protein every day..???

    • Kahthan Deane says:


      Yes it is okay. In fact, depending on your needs, you can take it several times a day. The main thing is to figure out how much you need for what you are doing, that way you wont exceed your daily requirement.

  3. Ismail says:

    Hi my name is Ismail I have some bellyfats so can I take protein I m using lipo6x to lose my belly fat I go gym too so my question is is at morning I use Lipo 6 x before going to my cricket Tranning so can i drink whey protein after 30 mins of lipo 6 x with out break fast my belly size is 38 not too fat just a average

  4. David Gould says:

    Hi there I was 33 St I am now down to 14 St 8 lbs using mostly high protein low carb and whey. My question is that I want to stop using it as I get close to my goal. I I do stop usin it and still keep on my diet and exercise will this make me add weight just because I have stopped taking the whey protein ? I know it helps in loosing weight but does it also do the opposite when you stop taking it by adding weight ?? Might be a stupid question

  5. Ciro says:

    I work out early in the morning (6:30 am), should I take one dose of whey before and after my workout or before I go to bed and after my workout?

  6. Ok, I’m 15 years old and my mom bought the whey protein powder for me because I’m doing wrestling. Does my age change the difference on how much I should have everyday? And should I take some before a wrestling meet?

    • Fatloss School says:

      Hi Ezekiel, and good question. First off we should say that we recommend you always consult a health professional, such as a doctor if you have doubts about how much you should have – perhaps a family member who is in the medical field can help. Our advice would be to have less than the recommended amount for an adult, as your body is still going through many natural changes of its own during your adolescent years. As far as taking it before a wrestling meet: whey protein acts over time, not in a quick way, so taking it right before won’t make any difference in such a short time.

  7. Matthew Chand says:

    I just bought whey protein and I am only 14. Do I still take a scoop of whey protein and also when doing cardio should you take whey protein afterwards and before?

  8. himanshu says:

    I have just bought whey protein (chocolate) but am a little bit confused – when should I take whey protein since I go for a workout in the evening, and what amount of whey protein should be taken?

  9. shenoy says:

    Does whey protein really help in losing fat? With workouts in the gym?

  10. Tony says:

    Hi, I tend to take whey protein before and after exercise and eat lots of protein meals and lots of fruit and veggies. I do only do light weight lifting but lots of biking and cardio. And I feel that it has really helped me with my results on losing weight and feeling stronger. I am by no means a huge weight lifter. From my research it says it’s ok to take whey protein if you’re just wanting to lose weight and so forth. Biggest thing is when I take whey before a workout I feel like I get fatigued quicker while working out and I get heartburn and burp it up. So I’ve stuck to just eating a few good carbs and protein an hour before workouts and just use the whey protein for after. Will this affect my results by just taking after exercise only? Or do I need to suck it up and still do before and after? Please answer my questions and give any other advice – thank you!

  11. PhD Mike says:

    To answer your question, staying at a 56g protein diet helps you lose incredible weight but make sure to add it between meals. Taking protein in the morning is great for a jump start. After dinner is great too. Before bed take a 24g scoop with milk. Weight loss in no time.

    • Becky says:

      PhD mike… You’re saying take protein in the morning, after workout, after dinner and before bed with milk? Is that not too much protein? I’m new to the use of protein but I’m seeking anything that will help me right now! I’m trying to slim up my post pregnancy belly! I have been working out my abs everyday during the weekdays then running only on Monday Wednesday and Friday. I take 56g of Protein immediately following my workout. Do u have any suggestions on exactly when I should take it?

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