What Is Organic Food

The term organic is thrown around a lot in commercials, magazines and on food labels, but if you ask the average person what an organic strawberry really is chances are they won’t know. After all, it’s hard to imagine what an inorganic strawberry would look like.

The term organic is misleading and only means that the food wasn’t treated with pesticides or other artificial elements during production, and wasn’t exposed to any radiation or chemical supplements. So what’s the difference between organic and non-organic food? Is it really better for you? As it turns out, organic food is yet another fad in the diet and health market and advertising companies are latching on to the fact by promoting the organic factor to an ever greater degree. In actuality, there has been no conclusive study determining what difference (if any) exists in terms of health benefits between organic and non organic food. Organic producers have also failed to demonstrate any measurable difference in the taste of their food.

The fact that organic food isn’t treated with pesticides is irrelevant as long as you wash the food thoroughly before consuming. The absence of pesticide also means the presence of worms and insects is increased, which can make the dining experience rather unpleasant.

The term organic is not only applied to fruits and vegetables, but also to livestock that has not been fed or treated with articifial substances or antibiotics. Exact definitions of what percentage quantities of artificial substances constiture non organic food is regulated in the US, the EU, Australia and Japan by agricultural governing authorities.

One survey suggested that although organic food does not show any demonstrable advantage to consumers, the farms that produce the foods are more environmentally friendly. This is because organic farms tend to use less energy per square km and produce less waste. They also introduce less pesticides into the soil and water, which can have long term damaging effects to the local ecosystem.

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