Visual Impact Training for Women Review

Rusty Moore has introduced another training manual in the niche of Visual Impact Training, titled Visual Impact Training for Women. This particular training program is aimed at women who are seeking a workout regimen that helps them attain a sleeker, fitter and slimmer physique, i.e. while maintaining their typical feminine features. This training program is about being more toned and not becoming more muscular.

What are Rusty Moore’s credentials?
Rusty Moore is the brains behind conceptualizing and running the site, Fitness Black Book that is dedicated to the leaner look that is popular among Hollywood. This portal is quite popular, generating about a quarter of a million page-views, per month. Further, Rusty puts forth more than 20 years of experience in the niche of fitness and physical training.

What is good about Visual Impact for Women?
Visual Impact for Women presents an outline of how to blend strength-training with cardio training to help women burn fat and get better more toned muscles. Further, it talks about tackling many of the fitness myths that have been circulating for many years. Additionally, Visual Impact for Women helps to get a clear perspective about training requirements for getting a leaner body. It also includes some very handy tips for short-term training regimens apart from presenting many detailed routines that are suitable for different body-types. These tips are useful whether you are working out at home or at the gym.

What’s not to like?
Most aspects about Visual Impact for Women are worth appreciating but you do get the feeling that this is not meant for serious gym folks, i.e. female bodybuilders or women wanting to put-on some serious muscle. It is more suited to the average woman who is pressured for time and wants to look best in her chosen outfits.

Who should use Visual Impact for Women?
Women who want a slimmer, more feminine look are ideal candidates for following the Visual Impact for Women approach, i.e. women wanting to get toned without aiming for bigger muscles. The tips here are not meant for women who are looking for a more viable dieting option or skipping exercise.

Visual Impact for Women is recommendable since it doesn’t seem to achieve too many things through one training regimen. It is aimed at a specific kind of fitness requirement that is gender based and quite clear in its objective, i.e. developing a tauter, leaner and more athletic body.

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