Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a new approach to workouts that helps to gain muscle with the minimal of increases in body-fat levels. The program has been conceived and created by Rusty Moore.

What is Visual Impact Muscle Building program all about?
This program includes three phases of 2-months each apart from a bonus phase. Each of these phases has been designed to induce the maximum impact on the muscles but in a slightly altered way. The first point of focus is building mass and then it shifts towards getting a leaner look. This is opposed to the old-school bodybuilding methods that were essentially bulking approaches.

About the Creator
Rusty Moore is the man behind the popular fitness site called Fitness Black Book. This site is dedicated to developing the lean Hollywood look that is getting quite a lot of attention and garners nearly 0.25 million online page-views, per month. Rusty is not new in the fitness training segment, boasting of nearly two decades of experience.

What is the best part about Visual Impact Muscle Building?
Visual Impact Muscle Building is one of the better mass gaining programs since the older or the conventional bodybuilding approach usually pushed one towards gaining more bulk than needed, i.e. accumulating fat. Many gym-goers have realized that the traditional approach to bulking results in bulk gain that is very hard to trim later, i.e. without any significant muscle loss. Visual Impact Muscle Building approach understands that muscle mass is critical but it also insists upon maintaining a leaner and more athletic physique. The presence of three phases means that an individual can get started on a phase that seems closest to his present physical conditioning and overall fitness goals. This is a unique flexibility that is not offered by most of the bodybuilding manuals. Visual Impact Muscle Building delves into important parts of bodybuilding such as diet tips for each of the three phases along with providing vital information about post-workout nutrition. It also discusses about the kind of supplements you should take. The bonus phase routine talks largely about how Taylor Lautner got his much talked-about ripped physique that garnered so much female attention in ‘New Moon’. This workout manual is not short on content, having nearly 227 pages of exercising guidance. The format is printer-friendly and helps to create workout charts.

Are there any negatives to Visual Impact Muscle Building?
Visual Impact Muscle Building seems to have little negatives to it as it compiles nearly all the information that a person might need when trying to add muscle along with limiting the amount of body fat. However, some parts of its content might be disheartening for some people. For instance, in Phase 1 insists upon fatiguing muscles through more reps rather than the conventional way of minimal reps and maximum load for gaining mass. This might make many gym-regulars feel that they have been cheated upon for all the time and energy they have spent so far.

Is Visual Impact Muscle Building really effective?
Yes, it is and the results are quite impressive, i.e. if the tips and guidance are followed to the letter. It is meant for both kinds of mass-gain seekers, i.e. those who are lean and want to add more muscle than fat and those who are already bulked and now want to limit the fat but still want to gain more mass.

Visual Impact Muscle Building is highly recommended for its easy-to-understand layout and the neat manner in which the tips are laid. This workout program challenges some traditional bulking theories but it does so without totally ignoring them. Instead, it helps you to understand how to ensure that your fat gain doesn’t neutralize the muscle gain you have worked so hard for.

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