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Vacation Body Blueprint is more of a weight-loss guide that is attributed towards losing the last few pounds that most people struggle to get rid-off when they have undertaken a short-term weight-loss regimen. This is commonly seen among people undertaking dieting for an upcoming vacation or events like family holidays and marriages. Vacation Body Blueprint is a short-term and rather robust workout routine that is meant for those who desperately want to quickly shed just a few more pounds.

Who is Rusty Moore?
Rusty Moore is the man behind the famous fitness portal, Fitness Black Book—in conjunction with Vacation Body Blueprint, this portal too is dedicated to getting the leaner look that is so popular among Hollywood A-list starts. This site is quite famous and receives more than 25,000 page-views on a monthly basis. Rusty Moore is accomplished in the fitness industry, having an experience of nearly 20 years.

What is good about Vacation Body Blueprint?
Vacation Body Blueprint seeks to engage a rather particular segment of people who want to lose weight. It is not your general weight loss manual and neither does it seek to help you achieve long-term weight loss goals. Vacation Body Blueprint is based on a number of research studies that provide more evidence about losing stubborn fat without having to lose muscle.

What is not so impressive about Vacation Body Blueprint?
Vacation Body Blueprint is a rather short-term weight loss tool. Yes, it is a workout but it addresses a rather particular type of fitness demand. This is both the highlight and the possible undoing of this weight loss book. Vacation Body Blueprint also has limited application, i.e. it cannot be used for more than 3-to-4 weeks.

Is Vacation Body Blueprint effective?
Yes, the Vacation Body Blueprint is true to its name, i.e. it provides a blueprint or a rather clearly laid out plan as to losing weight in the quickest possible time without losing the lean muscle mass that is so critical for maintaining the tautness and flexibility in our bodies. It is even effective for losing the most stubborn kind of fat such as belly fat.

Who is better suited to try the Vacation Body Blueprint?
Any person who is already in the process of losing weight or is working-out dedicatedly, but is struggling to lose those last few pounds that tend to spoil the overall results of such efforts, is best suited for trying the Vacation Body Blueprint. Again, this regimen is not mean for those who are entirely new to working-out or new in the gym, i.e. the individual should have some basic degree of physical conditioning and understanding of workout basics.

Verdict on Vacation Body Blueprint
This weight loss workout approach is very honest it its approach. It doesn’t promise to sculpt your body or help you keep lean in the long-term. It’s very clear in its objectives, i.e. short-term fat reduction through intense physical training. As long as you fit the bill in terms of the utility Vacation Body Blueprint offers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

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