V Taper Workout

Many gym goers ask what the best way is to develop a v taper body shape, i.e. how to build the lats in such a way as to form a v shape from the abdominals to the shoulders. This shape is not only brought about by gaining muscle mass in the lats, but also by working on developing broad shoulders and a narrow waste. All of these factors in combination will create a visual ‘V’ shape in your upper body.

Keep in mind that all of the above factors – narrow waste, broad shoulders, strong lats – will contribute to the v taper. So don’t spend all of your time doing lateral raises and military press workouts. It’s just as important to lose fat and get a slim waste, as this will make your shoulders look broader by comparison. That means once again that you should eat less and do lots of cardio and lower your body fat percentage. Losing fat this way is a much faster way of getting the v taper than building muscle in your shoulders and lats.

As with most things, certain people will have genetic advantages when it comes to building a v taper. If you have naturally wide hips, you will have a harder time than someone with naturally narrow hips. There’s nothing you can do about this as you can’t change the shape of your femur. If you fall in this category then doing cardio alone won’t be sufficient and you’ll have to take the long route of building up muscle in your lats and delts. The most efficient way is to get started with the old fashioned pull ups – these will target the v zone very efficiently. In addition keep doing lateral raises, side raises, pulldowns and rows. The most important thing is to stick with it – building a v taper can take over a year, even with a gruelling program.

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