Top 5 Good Foods for Weight Loss

With the emphasis on exercise when it comes to taking care of our health, ever so often, the idea of maintaining a good diet is lost. The bottom line here is that what you eat has more to do with weight loss than how much you workout.

On the other hand, people look for good foods for weight loss but don’t even bother to get any exercise at all. On the assumption that diet alone will make a difference.

For those of you who fall into the first category, considering the trouble you go to get exercise, there is no excuse not to eat well. For those in the second category, there’s no point in starving when proper potion of good, healthy food would do.

Good Foods for Weight Loss

Good Foods for Weight Loss

For most of you who have been working out for sometime now would know that the calories in Salad are very low. Using vegetables like carrot, beetroot, cabbage, capsicum, lettuce and cucumber along with a dash of curd or lemon can really make exceptional salad dressing. Even a nice low calorie greek salad would do the trick.

Seventy calories in a hundred grams of grapes is the figure. Excellent choice for the good foods for weight loss list, you think? Grapes are a much better option any day as compared to stuffing your face with high-calorie snacks (you know which ones… don’t you) while you are sitting in front of the television. Read here for calories in grapes.

This one’s a real stunner when it comes to low calories. While it also makes you work for your snack. With only 48 calories per orange, that’s what one could call a “slim figure” alright!. Here’s my page on the calories in Oranges.

No, not the fried version but the baked or boiled version is excellent especially when served with pepper and lime, of which the latter has a plethora of benefits. And trust me, anyone will agree! You can go there for more about the calories in Potatoes.

High Fiber Cereal
Cereal-based foods such as oats, corn flakes and the like with skimmed milk are also an excellent choice as they contain very few calories and taste wonderful and fruit are added to the mix.

Remember to work out while keeping these foods a part of your diet. These are good foods for weight loss and good food for you.

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