The Tracy Anderson Diet

So what do Courtney Cox, Madonna and Gwyneth Palthrow have in common?

It’s the Tracy Anderson Diet which is taking Hollywood by storm, if you will, and all the aforementioned celebrities are dancing to the whims of a celebrated professional dancer from New York who had to take matters into her own hands in order to keep that perfect body by following a diet of her making.

While critics say that this diet is a dangerous one and which can lead to malnutrition, the reason for their scathing reviews is because this diet is a macrobiotic in nature, and is strict one at that which could have effects that could lead to extreme weight loss as well as anorexia.

It’s not surprising that being a woman herself, her objective was to find a way to stay slim that would be acceptable for every woman. But wait a minute – a thumb of rule is to not only focus on diet but to exercise as well, and this is what is making the Tracy Anderson Diet so popular.

Since the program is for about 30 days, the first thing that people who purchase her DVD will do is set their fitness goals and understand why it’s important to work towards them. Perhaps, another reason why this diet is popular is because it works as a platform for those who haven’t been too cognizant about staying in shape for some time.

And taking advice from a professional dancer seems to be the way to go because if there’s anyone who understands the challenges of staying in top condition, it’s this brand of people who have to work twice as hard as everyone else to find success.

Another element in this 30-day program is that there are different sequences of exercises that have to be performed for 10 days that will tone your body while not necessarily making you a bodybuilder. Again, this is another reason why this should appeal to people who don’t work out regularly.

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