The Negative Calorie Diet

The equation is simple: You eat foods loaded with calories, and your desire to lose weight will only remain a dream. Almost every diet that you can find out there is busy crunching numbers so that you can reduce the number of calories you can consume, thus reducing or maintaining weight in both the short and the long term.

In this regard, the negative calorie diet is different from the rest, and despite the argument by prominent experts who say that there are no “negative calorie” foods, this diet is based on the fact that for the body to assimilate the nutrients of the foods in this diet, fat has to be burnt in order to do so.

Take for example an orange which is about 50 calories. According to the theory surrounding the negative calorie diet, the body burns up more food energy in order to digest the food as opposed to the 50 calories that the orange provides. So every time you eat food that is low in calories, this negative calorie effect takes place making it very easy for you to lose weight without needing to work out regularly. Yet there’s a factor that must be taken into consideration for the success of this diet: your metabolism rate.

Critics have also pointed out that most of the foods that are considered to be negative calorie foods by this diet isn’t so and that the idea of the body burning more calories than the food consumed hasn’t been proven yet – however, there are several people who have considered this diet to work for them.

Interestingly, most of the foods on this diet are either fruits or vegetables, and since many people might not be able to live on such a stringent diet, it is a good idea to replace your snacks with the foods recommended with this diet.

Here’s an article that gives you a list of foods that burn more calories than they contain.

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