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Ketosis is a process in the body where it draws on the fat stored for energy as opposed to converting the carbohydrates that are a common nutrient found in the foods that you eat on a daily basis. The most body resorts to using the fat stored for energy, the more fat gets burnt!

This is the principle that the ketogenic diet menu is based on, which, simply put consists of foods that are high in fat, low in carbohydrates and moderate with protein content.

While it has used to treat epileptic children and can work well for patients with both Type I & II Diabetes, its primary purpose is to use the process of ketosis in order to help people lose weight.

But has it worked so far?

According to researchers, it has worked well for not only people who have been ill with the aforementioned diseases but it is an excellent diet for weight loss.

Some of the foods on the ketogenic diet menu that are high in protein include a variety of meats and vegetable salads, and it is said to benefit bodybuilders because of its high protein diet that intensifies their workout routine as soon as the ketosis process takes over.

Here is a sample ketogenic diet that you can follow if you are interested:

Meal – Breakfast: Use 15g coconut oil to scramble 3 eggs and frozen vegetables on a pan.

Meal – Lunch: Coconut milk smoothie with half a scoop protein powder, almonds and blueberries.

Snack: Almonds, a handful or two.

Meal – Dinner: Ground beef, 15% fat, fried in butter with vegetables on the side.

And if you still aren’t convinced about the health benefits of the ketogenic diet plan, then you could read more about this diet at this link.

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