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The Jump Manual is a unique exercising manual that is aimed at helping people increase their vertical leap. Yes, The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller guarantees that anyone who religiously follows its tips can add a bare minimum of 10 inches to his or her vertical leap in about 12 weeks. This leap-increasing manual has a rather multi-faceted methodology, targeting the most important (9 in total) areas that can help you maximize the vertical leap performance. This is achieved through increasing the overall quickness and the explosiveness required for increasing the vertical leap’s extent.

What credentials does Jacob Hiller have?
The Jump Manual has been created by Jacob Hiller who has vast experience in athletics training. He has being training athletes from high school onwards, including college and NBA and even professional athletes and those participating in the Olympics. His involvement in helping athletes increase their vertical leap spans across 10 years. The Jump Manual was conceived and developed by The Jump Manual after repeatedly testing his leap training method with some of the local athletes as a part of his two-year trip. Jacob Miller himself impresses with a 44 inch vertical leap!

What is the best part about The Jump Manual?
The Jump Manual seems to target everything that is related to increasing the athletic performance of an individual. This includes nutrition basics to every aspect of jumping mechanics and even plyometric exercises. Overall, the training schedule is quite flexible though it doesn’t allow room for too much customization. Firstly, the athlete can choose the kind of training approach he would like to undertake. This includes choosing between weights or using the bodyweight only. Jump Manual’s method seeks to establish immediate results through proper nutrition along with intensive strength training and the use of explosive repetition sets and sufficient rest.

What is not-so-good about The Jump Manual?
Perhaps, there is only one disadvantage within The Jump Manual, i.e. the time commitment it seeks from its followers. This training program cannot help you double your vertical leap within a few days. This is not one of those typical, quick-fix programs. It needs you to be committed for about 12 weeks for visible results to surface. Some of the workouts explained in The Jump Manual need a proper gym and cannot be done in home gyms or basic gymming facilities.

Is Jump Manual Effective as a Vertical Leap Enhancer?
The Jump Manual impresses the most with its outright honesty. It doesn’t promise to turn the average folk into world-class athlete and neither does it promise to turn an abysmal athlete into an international champion. The premise of The Jump Manual is rather simple—it helps you increase you performance but it doesn’t teach you the basics. Thus, all those who have never attempted vertical leaps or participated in sports where vertical leap performance is valued is least likely to understand the worth of The Jump Manual. Jacob has gone on to offer a complete ‘money back guarantee’ which further underlines the kind of confidence he has in his product and the honesty with which it has been presented. Most web reviews about The Jump Manual are either positive or overtly laudable, further ensuring that this vertical leap guidance tool is least likely to fail you. The training methods are so comprehensive that your functional strength is also bound to increase after the initial, few weeks.

For whom is The Jump Manual best suited?
Obviously, The Jump Manual is best suited for basketball players but it is also equally usable for volleyball players or any athlete who feels that the limitations of his The Jump Manual are limiting his performance.

If you are serious about increasing your vertical leap and surprising yourself with your performance in the basketball court, then there is no other supplement for The Jump Manual—this training manual offers you everything that is needed for raising vertical leap quotient.

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