The Jason Statham Workout

Even though the Jason Statham you see in the magazines today has one of the most enviable bodies in the world (I have a magazine with him doing a flagpole!), there was a time when he used to overeat and most of all, put on pounds.

That was when the Jason Statham workout (designed specifically for him) changed his life. He put his nose to the grindstone and worked out every other day except Sunday with an ex-NAVY Seal, Logan Hood.

The Jason Statham Workout

Surprisingly, there are only two rules that guide his workout regimen: “no repeats even for a single day” and “recording how the routine was conducted to check for progress”.

Since the workout routine that he follows is a combination of exercises, it is difficult to list them all, however, each workout is completed in three stages, here is how they are carried out:

Stage One: Warm up (10 minutes)

For a start, he uses a rowing machine known as the Concept2 Rowing Machine as it works the cardiovascular system and the primary muscle groups while being low-impact. It is the easiest stage of the three.

Stage Two: Medium Intensity Workout (10 minutes)

This stage consists of heavy lifting exercises such as power clean, front squat and the deadlift with no more than five reps at a time or circuit training with light weights. Carrying exercises using sandbags or kettlebells or even throwing exercises with medicine balls are also added to this routine.

Stage Three: Interval Training

The third and final stage involves doing six exercises that work the entire body without rest. As he puts it, it is the most brutal circuit routine ever.

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