The Importance Of A Healthy Breakfast

From the time i can remember i was always told to have a good breakfast and that it was important. Whoever told me that was right, It is the most important meal and sets you up for the rest of the day. Some bad choices here and have a lasting impact on your day and your overall health. Studies show that out of all the meals of that day, breakfast is the one that is neglected the most.What is the importance of a healthy breakfast? What should you be eating and drinking?

What is the importance of breakfast? Well, over forty years worth of breakfast related research show that starting the day with a healthy breakfast is good for everyone — children, teens and adults. “Eating breakfast is very important for the brain and the body first thing in the morning”, said Los Angeles registered dietitian Gail Frank, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. “Breakfast skippers often feel tired, restless or irritable in the morning.”

Breakfast is the first point that the body has to refuel its glucose levels, also known as blood sugar, after eight to 12 hours without a meal or snack, after which the body thinks that it should go into fasting mode. Glucose is essential for the brain and is the main energy source. Blood glucose also helps fuel the muscles needed for physical activity throughout the day.

“A healthy Breakfast is also very important for weight loss and weight management,” Frank said. “You ‘break the fast’ of not eating for the past eight to 12 hours. It helps curb your hunger and prevent binge eating later in the day. Breakfast is important to manage your weight and potentially lose weight by eating less calories throughout the day.” 

What should you be eating for a healthy breakfast? Here are some breakfast ideas for you check out. I’ll be doing a post specifically on different breakfast ideas in addition to this list:

  • Ready-to-eat whole-grain cereal topped with fruit and a cup of yogurt
  • Whole-grain waffles topped with peanut butter,
    or ricotta cheese
  • A whole-wheat pita stuffed with sliced hard-cooked eggs
  • Hot cereal topped with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice or cloves
  • Peanut butter on a bagel with fresh
    (banana or apple wedges) and low-fat milk
  • Breakfast smoothie (milk,
    and teaspoon of bran, whirled in a blender)
  • Vegetable omelet with a bran muffin and orange juice 

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