The Health Benefits of Ginger

gingerGinger has been used as a natural remedy a number of illnesses for hundreds of years, yet in our modern lives, it makes up a very small part of our dietary intake. Generally Ginger is a naturally growing plant that is usually found in tropical areas, more popularly known as a cooking spice, with the actual root of the plant usually used for the medicinal purposes. Some studies have even indicated that ginger can be used as a treatment for ovarian and colon cancers.

Ginger root is more widely known and used to treat nausea. Available in many forms, it is available in tea, capsule, or even as a powder. Many pregnant women use it to treat morning sickness. It can also be used for people that suffer motion sickness or sea sickness. Ginger can be used to help relieve stomach cramps as well. It is believed that the ginger increases circulation in the stomach, which promotes the flow of bile.

Ginger can also be very beneficial to the cardiovascular system. The use of ginger helps the platelets in a person’s blood to be less sticky. This keeps blood circulating freely and can reduce problems within the cardiovascular areas, and ginger tea can be used to effectively treat heartburn symptoms.

It is widely used as an additive to massage oils. The ginger has natural anti-inflammatory qualities that can help reduce inflammation in people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It is also used as a topical pain reliever in many arthritis sufferers.

The use of ginger during colds or allergies, can reduce some of the symptoms that typically affect the respiratory system. There have also been some studies that indicate the use of ginger, at the onset of a migraine, can hold off a full blown migraine. The idea is that ginger allows the blood to flow properly through the blood vessels. Restricted blood vessels are typically the cause of the painful headaches.

When buying ginger, always buy it fresh. Be sure to avoid ginger with dry, wrinkled, skin, mold or soft spots, while in terms of variety the African and Indian ginger are the most potent. Grate it or use a garlic press in order to extract the most from it.

Ginger can definitely give you many benefits, but more is not always better. An ounce a day should give you all you need.

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