The Best Tricep Exercises

At one or two of these exercises to your gym workout and build your triceps. The tricep muscles form roughly 60% of your bicep size so you definite need to include some and here are the best triceps exercises I could find.

Doing Close-grip Bench Presses for Bigger Triceps

The close-grip bench press is arguably the best triceps exercise that exists today. The movements during this exercise are such that you can easily progress towards using heavier weights and make visible triceps gain quite quickly. Further, it allows you to target the lower and inner-arm section; inducing maximum stress on the triceps apart from working the pectoral muscles and this is how it also creates a base for better benching performance. For close grips, you need to use a regular bench-pressing bench. Your hands shouldn’t be spread wider than your shoulder’s width. You are essentially doing a conventional bench press but here your grip is squeezed quite a lot. This means that during the descent, your elbows should be tucked in and you shouldn’t allow the elbows to drift or fall away or else this will turn into a regular bench press. When you are hitting the lower end of the movement, the bar should be very close to the lower section of your chest. Whereas at the top of your movement, the loaded bar should be positioned directly over the upper section of your chest. Ideally, your forearms must be positioned perpendicular to the floor throughout this movement with your wrists and hands being positioned directly over the elbows.

Getting Weighted Dips Right!

Weighted dips are regarded as the most classic and useful of all triceps-builder exercises. These are conventional dips done with a slightly closer grip. You need to maintain your body in an upright stance. This induces more stress on the triceps instead of targeting the chest. To challenge yourself, you can use weighted belts that can be added to your legs or hips. You need to ensure that you don’t use too much of your shoulders or seek assistance from your hip when you are trying to rise from the hole. The idea is to raise yourself using your arms, particularly the upper arms. For making this easier, try not to lower your body so much that the shoulders are forced into supporting your bodyweight. Doing the first few reps slowly and gradually, ramping-up the speed ensures bounce-free movement.

Understand Board Press/Rack Lockouts

These are two of the most recommended power-lifting exercises that are usually targeted at training the upper body, particularly the arms and the triceps. The objective here is to train the upper portion of the bench press in a thorough manner which eventually means that the triceps are involved to the maximum. For this, Rack Lockouts are ideal since you can use a heavy load without tiring out too much. However, some powerlifters have a preference for the board press over rack lockouts. This is because the variations in the thickness of the boards allow lots of room in targeting various parts of the triceps area.  Most gyms have boards ranging from 1 to 10 inches in thickness, giving ample of options.

Skull-crushers or Lying French Presses

Among all the triceps-extension exercises, Skull Crushers has remained the conventional favorite for many decades. It is also called the French press. This is actually an arm extension exercise that beautifully targets the triceps. It works the triceps from various angles rather than creating pressing movements. French presses re best done using the EZ Curl Bar since it allows for greater hyperextension of the arm. Here, you can position your hands at about shoulder-width apart. The idea is to lower the bar slowly, maintaining control, where the bar should come close to your hairline or it should just about scrape the back of your head.

Diamond Push-ups or Close-grip Clapping Push-ups

Yes, you might be thinking that this exercise should be listed as a part of chest training regimen but the truth is that if you can squeeze at least 10 Diamond Push-ups and combine this with a clap, you are set to make some awesome gains for triceps. Your hands should be positioned directly underneath your chest. Here, the thumb and the index fingers should be just about touching and the little spacing between them should form a diamond-like shape. You can do the initial reps without the clap. You can add the claps when you have crossed ten reps. Clapping here means pushing yourself really hard since you need to clap quickly and ensure that you are able to return your hands into the original diamond-like stance before staring the next rep.




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