The Best Back Exercises

Building your back muscles is a very important part of whatever work it is your doing. The best back exercises will play a significant role in your overall physique that you end up with. I learned the importance of back exercises, especially the pull up when doing P90x. While every muscle group is worked out once a week, the back always had two workouts.

Here are the best back exercises you can do:

There are various types of back workouts that are targeted at training the muscles of the back and surrounding areas.

Pull Ups: This has become a favorite of mine now. You need to grab the pull up bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Allow the body to hang freely from the bar with your arms fully extended. Using the lats, pull yourself straight upwards so that your chin is able to reach the height of the bar or above it. Lower yourself to the starting position with your arms fully stretched and repeat.

Lat Pulldown: Grip the lat pull down bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Sit down with your arms fully extended overhead. Pull the bar straight down either in front or behind your head. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Barbell Bent Over Row : Hold a barbell with a slightly wider than shoulder grip. Slightly bend your knees, bend over the waist in such a way that your upper body is slightly above being parallel to the floor. Pull the barbell straight up into your stomach. Lower the barbell back to the starting position and repeat.

Seated Cable Rows: Sit on a seated cable row machine with both feet flat on the foot board and bend your knees slightly. Grab the handle with both hands and pull it into your stomach while keeping your chest protruded outwards and your back straight. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Advantages of back exercises:

There are various advantages of exercises for the back. They help strengthen the back muscles and increase their durability. It also significantly changes the proportions of your entire body. Well developed lats create a classic V-shaped look, making your waist appear smaller. Strong back muscles play an important role in various sports and other activities that involve pulling actions such as gymnastics, rugby, judo, swimming, rowing etc.

A strong back also enables you to develop other muscle groups and helps you perform other day to day activities without having to exert much pressure. Weak muscles are often the root cause of several back problems such as lower back pain and stiffness. The muscles of the abdomen, back and hips support the spine collectively and are also known as core muscles. They are the spinal chord’s main defense mechanism against gravity. Various exercises enable you to strengthen these muscles and eliminate back problems. Strong quads as well as string abs also play a significant role in supporting the lower back.

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