The Components of a Home Gym

home-gym-769137A gym membership is great for workout novices and for the absolute experts. For the novices, it’s because they usually need a gym instructor who can train them on the proper use of equipment, proper form and will assist them in creating a workout. However, a person who simply wants to maintain his or her workout routine and keep fit does not have to step out of the home to get this done. A more convenient and cost-effective way to achieve this is by setting up a gym at your home. There are some absolute basics you will need to cover, in addition to whatever specific needs you have based on your workout.

Start with the basics: You will need a mat for stretching and working on your abdominal muscles. If you ever feel the urge to try them out, you can use them for yoga and Pilates as well.

A must-have for your gym is equipment to use for aerobic training, or cardiovascular exercises. Invest in a treadmill, a bike, or a stair-climber. A general rule of thumb is at least one machine for cardio, the most popular option being a treadmill.

If you are into strength training, your basic home gym equipment should include elastic bands, free weights and resistance machines. The actual equipment will vary according to your workout, but generally dumbbells, bands and all round resistance machines will do the trick.

Before purchasing and using any of the basic components of your home gym, always put safety first. Check for any protruding metal pieces or loose screws. If possible, invest in equipment which has guaranteed safety features like safety switches on treadmills. Even home gym equipment come with extensive multi year warranty, so when purchasing look for the brands that can give you 3-5 years, the extra cost is worth it.

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