The Amount Of Protein In Chicken

2887427240_f52c12c69dThis post is in response to a question I received recently from a reader, Kenneth Wong, on the amount of protein in chicken.

Here are the protein figures for chicken listed by the different parts and their relevant preparation. Unlike the vegetables I discussed in the previous post, chicken has a very high biological quantity and as a result is a very good source for protein. The protein in chicken contains all the essential amino acids necessary and is perfect for building lean muscle mass which is the type of muscle tissue that burns calories.

Remember that processed chicken based products found in supermarkets will have a much lower protein content than the ones listed below, even when compared with identical weight.
The figures below are based on potion sizes of 100g (3.5oz).

Chicken Breast (Skinless) – Boiled 45g 7.5g
- Roasted with Little Oil 36g 10g
- Grilled 42g 6g
- Deep fried 34g 15g
Chicken Leg (Skinless) – Boiled 28g 6g
- Roasted with Oil 23g 7.5g
- Grilled 26g 3g
- Deep Fried 22g 12g
Chicken Wing – Boiled 22g 8.5
- Roasted with Little Oil 19.5g 11g
- Grilled 21g 7g
- Deep Fried 17g 17g
Breast with Breadcrumbs – Fried 25g 19g
Fried in Batter 21g 18g

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