The 17 Day Diet

While the word “diet” begins to make sense as soon as you put on a few pounds, it is incorrect to actually perceive it to be that way. Diet should ideally be a daily thing that you follow and less of having to resort to when you feel that you are putting on those extra few pounds.

Since this is the opinion of many, and very hard to follow, we do have diets that actually produce results these, and most recently, the 17 day diet has been generating a lot of publicity, thanks to the reach of social media and the efforts of Dr. Mike Moreno.

According to the doctor himself, the diet is for almost anyone who wishes to lose weight since it isn’t restrictive which can be the biggest cause for people to drop out sometimes as soon as they’ve begun the diet.

Yet it doesn’t end after 17 days (which is considered to be the toughest cycle of the lot) as there are three more cycles that finally settles the person who completes 52 days into a lifelong cycle of healthy eating. Which brings me to my first point about a balanced diet that should built into your daily routine.

It should be noted that the diet is not for people who are sick, Type 1 diabetics, teenagers or even those women who are pregnant or lactating as the diet tends to be very low in calories for the first cycle of 17 days.

If you want to know more about the 17 day diet, here is a link that you can follow in order to catch up with the pros and cons, success stories and developments that have made it so popular. So, just remember that if you’re not in it for the long haul, then there’s no point being in a diet at all!

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