Swimming to Lose Weight

swimmingLike most exercises, swimming to lose weight will work for some people and not work for others. The reason behind this is that our body has a very specific method of getting to the point of burning fat. The first stages do not favor fat burn and instead go through a process in which the minor stores of ATP are consumed. At this point the body moves to burning carbs, and at this stage still no fat is being burnt. It is after this low impact exercise is constant that you move into the fat burning zone.

Usually, someone who is fitter, will achieve the fat burning stage much faster than a person who is exercising after a long time and is not particularly fit. In addition, the fitter individual can also maintain a higher level of intensity, burning more fat in the process and getting to that point much much faster. It is this difference in initial fitness levels that makes up the majority of the difference between those who do lose weight and those don’t by swimming.

Even the technique makes a difference. It is not simply enough to swim, but swim properly. A proper swimmer will glide through the water, but with all his muscles in perfect harmony to achieve that movement. It is like working out in a gym, proper form is important.

Swimming is not for everyone, but if weight loss is your target, carefully consider the above points and decide if this is going to work for you.

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