Three Tips to Minimize Starbucks Calories

starbucks1I have always been a huge fan of Starbucks. Unfortunately, the bulk of the coffee and non-coffee based beverages they serve are very high in calories, and kept unchecked, could make a big dent in your attempts to keep your daily calorie intake to a minimum. This would not be an issue if you limited yourself to an espresso or a simple brewed black coffee, but it never works out that way. Not surprisingly, the most popular coffees are the ones with highest number of calories.

Trying to control your calorie intake can be hard enough, but when it comes to giving up some of the things you love it pays to compromise. If, as part of your diet plan or calorie count, you decide not to fore go coffee from Starbucks, i have prepared three tips you can consider when ordering the next time that might help you minimize the damage while still enjoying your favorite drink.

Tip 1 – Think small, not big.

First up, reduce the size of the order. Do you really need a venti? Wouldnt a grande or the just the tall do? The facts speak for themselves, those three sizes see a fair jump from 290 to 220 and 180 calories respectively. Be wise, if you just need the taste and the fix, go smaller and leaner.

Tip 2 – Go skinny.

Now comes the milk, this should be a no brainer. I understand that when it comes to taste, milk makes a big difference, but that difference, between full fat and going the skinny route will save you 80 whole calories. Try it and see, if this is a deal breaker for you then try reducing with the other tips and maintaing your full fat milk.

Tip 3 – Look for the lighter blends.

Most starbucks have the lighter blends, and under the right circumstances, can save you about 60 or so calories.

Depending on your taste and preferences, you can use a couple of these tips or a combination of a a couple to really reduce the calories you get from starbucks coffee. I dont guaranteee that could apply more than one of these to the same coffee, but at the very least i might have just saved you 60+ calories everytime you have one.

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