Sample Diet Plans

To put it quite simply, a diet, is simply what you eat day in and day out. The term “dieting” only means that someone who is doing so is adjusting their diet for a specific purpose, most likely to lose weight. We all know that if calories out (expended energy) is more than calories in (food consumed) then there is going to be some form of weight loss (or fat loss).  The trick is to be intelligent about it and 1) apply the new diet gradually and 2) maintain a realistic amount of calories. Go too low and you risk crashing (since you will be lacking essential nutrients) and abandoning the diet altogether, go too high and you won’t be seeing any real gains.

This series consists of multiple sample diet plans, focused around the different calorie goals. My recommendation is not to go below 1200 calories, unless you have a very good and controlled reason for doing so.  Do not try to use these plans verbatim, instead use these sample diet plans as a guide to building your own plans, based on food and ingredients available in your locality.

1. 1200 calorie diet

2. 1500 calorie diet

3. 1800 calorie diet

4. 2000 calorie diet

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