Potassium Rich Foods

Below is a list of potassium rich foods. The values that you see are per 100g of whatever food item. Natural plant foods are usually high in potassium which is in complete contrast to most processed foods which are very low in potassium.

potassium rich foods

We require a healthy potassium intake to maintain the PH levels in our bodily fluids along with regulating other bodily functions. For example:

Potassium helps and/or aids in:

      regulation of the nervous system
      blood pressure regulation
      the heart and kidneys
      how our muscles work
      adrenal functions

How Much Potassium do we need a Day?

The recommended daily intake of potassium is between 4.5 and 5.0 grams per day. Note that the values in the list of foods high in potassium below are expressed in mg, so divide by 1000 to get the gram value.

It is not very difficult to maintain the recommended level of Potassium. Unfortunately, modern diets and the lack of whole foods leads to potassium deficits which can lead to larger issues. What happens when you do not ingest enough Potassium for long periods of time?

Increased blood pressure
Weakness of the muscles
Muscular cramps
Cardiovascular irregularities

Potassium Rich Foods List

Foods High in Potassium Potassium Content Sodium content RDA % * Calories
Soya flour 1650mg 9mg 47% 450
Black treacle 1500mg 97mg 43% 260
Apricots ready-to-eat 1380mg 15mg 39% 160
Bran Wheat 1160mg 28mg 33% 200
Tomato Puree 1150mg 240mg 33% 70
Sultanas 1050mg 20mg 30% 275
Raisins 1020mg 60mg 30% 270
Potato chips 1000mg 1000mg 29% 450
All Bran 1000mg 900mg 29% 260
Wheatgerm 950mg 5mg 27% 300
Figs 900mg 60mg 26% 100
Dried mixed fruit 880mg 48mg 25% 230
Bombay Mix 790mg 800mg 23% 500
Papadums 750mg 2400mg 22% 370
Currants 720mg 14mg 22% 270
Sultana Bran 660mg 700mg 19% 300
Seeds average 650mg 20mg 18% 500
Nuts average 600mg 300mg 17% 600
Baked Potato + skin 600mg 12mg 17% 130
Roast Potato 550mg 9mg 16% 160
Oven chips 530mg 50mg 15% 170
Bran Flakes 530mg 1000mg 15% 320
Gammon lean 520mg 2200mg 15% 170
Soya beans boiled 510mg 2mg 15% 140
Plantain boiled 500mg 4mg 14% 112
Raisin Splitz 500mg 10mg 14% 340
Weetos 500mg 300mg 14% 370
Crispbread 500mg 220mg 14% 320
Muesli low salt 450mg 390mg 13% 360
Sardines 430mg 650mg 12% 200
Pilchards 420mg 370mg 12% 125
Veal 420mg 110mg 12% 230
Wholemeal Pasta 400mg 130mg 11% 320
Banana 400mg 1mg 11% 96

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