Diet Goggles

diet goggles

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have come up with a new way to shed excess weight – by tricking the brain via virtual reality goggles. The so-called ‘diet goggles’ work by increasing the perceived visual size of the meal you are about to consume, thereby fooling the brain into making you feel more full […]

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Squats vs Leg Press

There are some popular myths that float around the gym floor when it comes to squats. One of them is that doing squats boosts your testosterone levels higher than other weight training regiments. While it is true that doing squats will raise your testosterone levels for a short period of time after the workout, this […]

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High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training or HIIT is any cardio regime in which the heart rate is elevated to (close to) its maximum for a certain period of time and then decreased to a resting state. These cycles of high and low intensity training are repeated at regular intervals throughout the training session. The idea behind […]

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Bodybuilding Meals on a Budget

The following is a cheap, fast, tasty and easy way to prepare multiple portions for high protein, low calorie meals that are very effective as nutrition for those wanting to gain muscle and lose fat. One easy meal for high protein is grilled chicken and vegetables. All you need for this is a grill. Start […]

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Pull Up Technique

Let’s begin by differentiating between pull ups, pull downs and chin ups. Pull ups are performed with your palms facing away from you and can target the triceps, lats and back muscles, depending on the width of your grip. Pull downs are performed at a pull down machine, and are just assisted pull ups, in […]

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V Taper Workout

Many gym goers ask what the best way is to develop a v taper body shape, i.e. how to build the lats in such a way as to form a v shape from the abdominals to the shoulders. This shape is not only brought about by gaining muscle mass in the lats, but also by […]

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