All Calories Are Not Created Equally

Evidence is gathering at an increasing pace for the destruction of old calorie counting diets. When reading nutrition labels, it seems that comparing calorific content is not particularly meaningful, without further information about the substance in question – i.e. 100 calories from a chocolate bar is not the same as 100 calories from celery. This […]

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Alternative Leg Workout

A lot of people will naturally vary their workout from week to week, either deliberately, or naturally due to alterations in waiting times between equipment and resting periods. However, sometimes you can accelerate muscle growth by varying an exercise from one set to the next in quick succession. For instance, when doing leg curls, begin […]

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Optimizing Your Workout

In order to find your optimum diet and workout, you need only follow one simple rule: only change one parameter at a time. If you change more than one, you won’t be sure which was responsible for a change in your fitness or body fat percentage. This means that it’s not even a good idea […]

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Weight Gain and Global Resources

Recent studies indicate that rising levels of obesity may become as damaging to the environment as an additional billion people on the planet. When considering the impact humans have on the world it’s not only numbers that count, but also the lifestyle of people. If we all keep eating more, producing more garbage and driving […]

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Liposuction Weight Loss Surgery

Recent studies have indicated that although liposuction temporarily removes fat and makes a cosmetic difference, it can cause an increase in a different type of fat that can be dangerous to the organs. This substance is known as visceral fat and is not always visible as it is stored much deeper below the skin than […]

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Is a Gluten Free Diet Healthy?

Is a Gluten Free Diet Healthy

The answer to this is, perhaps unsurprisingly, rather complicated. For most people a moderate amount of gluten in their diets won’t cause any problems. People who suffer from celiac sprue, an autoimmune disease of the digestive system, need to avoid gluten entirely. There is also a small percentage of the population that doesn’t suffer from […]

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