My Four Hour Body, Slow Carb Diet Progress

I’ve been on Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour body Slow Carb Diet now for just under two months. For those of you interested, or in the middle of it, here’s my progress and some of my general observations that might help if you are hitting a plateau of any sort. In the interests of perspective, my starting weight was 156.2lb (71kg) and 19% body fat measured using a bio impedance scale (used only  for the purpose of tracking improvements).

Weeks 1-4
During my first month, I lost a total of 4kg (approximately 8.8lbs) and went from a 19% bodyfat percentage around 17%. Most of that loss (about 1.5kg) was within the first week and loss of water weight probably accounts for most of it. For the rest of the weeks, the loss was consistent but just short of the 1kg mark. The only things I did during this first month was to switch over to the slow carb diet, and attempt to eat within the first hour of waking and took low dosages of the AGG stack.

Weeks 5-8
The second month, in terms of overall weight loss, has been much much less, around 1.5kg and dropping further from 17% bodyfat to the low 16% region. During this month, the actual loss of weight was only within the last week. I noticed a sudden stop to the fat loss during the start of the month, and I was at a loss to explain why. I had only done two things differently from the first month. 1. I added 24g in Whey form to breakfast to hit the 30g of protein mark, and 2. Upped the dosage of ALA to 200mg.

As it turns out, I was using flavored Whey, which has, in rather minute quantities, Lactose. After reading around on Tim’s blog and his post on updates and corrections to the book, it turns out, that you need to consume Unflavored Whey, which has no Lactose, but is nearly impossible for me get where I live and is prohibitively expensive anyway. So I have stopped taking Whey until I hit my desired weight and body fat percentage target (10-12%). At that point I will do a combination of Geek to Freak and Occams Protocol and build muscle at expense of fat loss.

In addition, in terms of exercise, I try to do at least 75 kettlebell swings twice a week along with the Cat Vomit and Myotatic Crunches.

I post another update at Week 12, which should be around the 9th of March. If you have any questions and/or suggestions please let me know.

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  1. anna ke says:


    I’m on my 2nd day of my four hour body… but i need help finding out what i can eat for breakfast…

    pls give me some suggestions

    • Kahthan Deane says:

      Excellent! Keep at it.

      Well the easiest way is to keep breakfast simple. Sticking to the basic principle of protein,legume and vegetables, I have boiled or fried eggs, a small piece of roast chicken, some lentils and mixed veges. You can substitute the eggs and chicken for plain chicken or any other meat. Instead of lentils you could look at anything from kidney beans to lima beans. And vegetables are the easy one, just try spinach, which is great for fat loss.

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