Low Calorie Foods List

Here is a low calorie foods list, while this list does not cover the entire spectrum it does cover basic everyday foods that we eat. The low calorie foods list is for potion sizes of 100g. Use it to gauge how many calories you might really be consuming everyday. Sometimes food that you thought is high in calories might actually be much lower.

Beans mung dried boiled 100 cals
Beans runner boiled 25 cals
Broccoli 30 cals
Brussels sprouts 32 cals
Canderel sweetener 10 cals / tablet
Cottage cheese low fat 80 cals
Fish any white fresh poached 110 cals
Fromage Frais low fat 55 cals
Hunts bitter lemon drink 1 cal
Hunts bitter Ginger ale drink 1 cal
Hunts bitter orange drink 1 cal
Lentils 50 cals
Macaroni (boiled) 95 cals
Mayonnaise weight watchers 300 cals
Muesli sugar-free 360 cals
Noodles (boiled) 70 cals
Pasta ( normal boiled ) 110 cals
Pasta (wholemeal boiled ) 105 cals
Peas chick boiled 115 cals
Porridge oats (with water) 55 cals
Potatoes (boiled) 70 cals
Rice (white long grain) 140 cals
Rice ( Brown ) 135 cals
Spaghetti (boiled) 101 cals
Tofu 73 cals
Yogurt virtually fat-free 40 cals

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