Inner Thigh Exercises

It is hard to lose thigh fat. You need to combine a healthy fat loss diet and a good exercise regime. The diet will cause the fat to drop, exposing skinnier thighs. This is when you add these inner thigh exercises to your workout. They will tone your inner thighs and complement the rest of the leg exercises in your workout.

inner thigh exercises

1. Sumo Deadlifts
Sumo deadlifts are similiar to standard deadlifts except that it involves a much wider leg stance with the toes pointing outwards. Basic deadlift execution can be found on this post on the best hamstring exercises.

2. Wide-Stance Squats.
This is just like the standard squat except that it is executed with a wider stance. If you need more instruction on executing a squat, please my post on the best leg exercises.

You only need two exercises at maximum, in a single week. If you do want more, you can try adding these:

3. Side lying leg raises with Ankle Weights
4. Lateral Lunges

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  1. Josh Vales says:

    I would argue that squats and deadlifts would actually make the overall size of your thighs bigger. Albeit, these exercise to burn fat off you like nobody’s business, so likely that size would be made of more muscle, and less fat. Good tips though.

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