How to Remove Fat From Your Belly

Whenever someone asks ‘how do I remove fat from my belly’, or ‘how do I remove fat from my thighs’, you should do them a favor and slap them in the face as hard as you can. The human body is not capable of removing fat from one particular region at a time. So if you only take one thing away from this article, make it this: localized fat removal does not work.

The body has a set blueprint of how it will distribute fat cells when you gain weight, just as it has a blueprint of how it will remove them when you lose weight. This means no matter how many crunches you do, you won’t target your stomach fat. This is why people who do hundreds of crunches in the hope of getting a washboard stomach are misguided. The reason your six pack isn’t showing is because you have a layer of fat between these abdominal muscles and your skin. As long as that layer is there, you can do a million crunches, but it won’t make a difference. Having said that, there are of course other advantages to doing crunches. Anything you do to strengthen your stomach is to your benefit. The core muscles are very important in developing strength in other movements and exercises. They are also crucial in a lot of sports that involve twisting motions, where the majority of the power is developed in the core. So working your core is important – just don’t expect it to make you trim.

How to Remove Fat From Your Belly

So how do you lose that layer of fat obscuring a sick pack? By reducing your food intake and increasing the amount of cardio you do. Once again, there are no shortcuts. If you want results, you are going to have to elevate your heart rate to your training zone and keep it there for 60 minutes every single day. You are also going to have to reduce your calorie intake by a significant amount. The pretty lady on the all-night shopping channel claiming you can look like her with only 2 minutes on the – insert brand name – is lying to you.

If you start doing cardio and eating less, your body will begin to slowly remove fat. But you have to keep at it, because the parts that bother you the most will be the hardest to reach. Men store their fat mostly around their stomachs, and women store their fat to a large degree in their butts and thighs. These areas will be the very last to go.

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