How to Lose Thigh Fat

Thigh fat is something that bothers everyone at some point. Some hate the annoying feeling of your thighs touching as you walk. Others simply want to be lean and find that thigh fat just doesn’t go away, regardless of how much they exercises. How hard it is to get rid of your thigh fat really depends on you. For a lucky few, thigh fat burns off first and in the abdomen last. Most others are not so lucky.

If you were wondering how to lose thigh fat quickly, know this, there is no easy fix. It has to be a combination of diet and exercise and patience.

how to lose thigh fat

You  need to diet because exercise alone will not work. There is no such thing as spot reduction and there are no specific exercises to lose weight on your thighs. As you diet and maintain a caloric deficit, the fat from thighs will lessen. This will take time and will not happen overnight. I would recommend the slow carb diet.

You can do thigh and inner thigh exercises to tone and build muscle. This will create a sense of tightness and amplify the fat loss from the dieting above and give you much smaller and shapely thighs.

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  1. Saeko says:

    I completely agree that in order to get thin thighs and skinny legs you need to eat well and exercise on a regular basis. Just exercising isn’t going to cut it.

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