How Much Protein Review

How Much Protein, written by Brad Pilon is among the best books when it comes to tackling the question: how much protein is required for building and sustaining muscle mass?

About Brad Pilon
Brad Pilon is not new to the fitness niche and has authored some other dieting programs too. He evaluated many research studies for determining the amount of protein that was needed to support muscle gains and growth. Brad Pilon has major qualifications like a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition apart from being a famous Strength & Conditioning Specialist. His other efforts in this segment, like the Eat Stop Eat program, have been very popular across the world. He has repeatedly appeared on national television and is known to have helped thousands of his followers, including men and women in losing fat and gaining more muscle apart from helping their diet in a healthier manner.

What is so likeable about How Much Protein?
Brad’s approach is based more on common sense rather than using some fad-like concept to help people understand the relation between muscle growth and protein. How Much Protein might be argued by some bodybuilding enthusiasts who tend to over-feed on protein. How Much Protein stresses upon maintaining the average, minimum amount of protein needed that is vital to gain and sustain muscle. How Much Protein argues that many of the overtly protein-inclined opinions are often that of people who have been sponsored by supplement companies. This manual also talks about the types of supplement that are best meant for folks who are serious about building muscle.

What I didn’t like about How Much Protein?
How Much Protein seems to have been very well researched but it doesn’t pay attention to some aspects of protein consumption like timing of protein intake after exercising. Usually, it is said that a hard workout should be followed by supplementing with protein but How Much Protein doesn’t address this issue. It merely asks you ingesting protein in a regulated and limited manner.

Is How Much Protein actually effective?
How Much Protein is sure to have an impact on you if you have been obsessed with protein shakes and other protein supplements. This doesn’t mean that protein doesn’t affect muscle building but this manual helps to understand how much is actually needed, helping you save a lot of money.

Who is best suited to try How Much Protein?
How Much Protein is more of an eye-opener for those who are into serious bodybuilding and are going heavy on protein supplements. Brad’s efforts tend to debunk many myths in this segment that will help you understand your nutrition goals in a refreshing manner.

How Much Protein is a recommended read if you are still not clear about your protein supplementation goals. This is not meant to help you devise a new exercise plan or to guide you how to lose weight—it just helps you decide how much you really need and what limits you need to establish in terms of protein intake.

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