How Many Calories Should I Eat in a Day

638-dietscaleIf you want to really lose some weight, you need to cut out the calories. Many people wonder: “How many calories should I eat a day?”

Honestly this all depends on your diet. You need to see how many calories you are eating on an average day and then gradually start cutting back. For each 3,500 calories burned or cut down you will lose one pound. So, for example , if you were to cut off 500 calories each day from your diet, at the end of one week, you should have enough of a deficit in order to lose one pound of fat. The same if you burn those calories by exercising. The ideal situation is to cut back half the calories from your diet and burn half or more with some form of physical activity. When you do exercise, you may notice some increase in your weight, that is because the fat is burned but muscles develop. The muscles weigh more than the fat it replaces.

Do it in a healthy way

If you want to lose weight healthy, you will do it with 0.5 to 2 pounds each week. More than 2 pounds each week means just short term results and not long term ones. Don’t cut back more than 1200 calories each day. It is just not good. Also it is helpful to have a daily calorie calendar or food diary and register everything that you eat.

The little changes in your lifestyle and diet will make all the difference. In order to see the caloric input, you can use the same diary and note down and calculate based on the total calories of each of the foods you have eaten. Also be aware of the size of the things you eat. Also, find food that you can dispense yourself from them or find a low fat version. It is easier than you think. Try low fat milk and not the normal one. Use diet soda and not regular or wheat bred instead of white. Also, don’t forget to run and do sports. It will help you burn fat. I hope this article has helped you find an answer to the question: How many calories should I eat a day?

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Really excited about the information I found. Very straight forward and easy to understand. I also appreciate the approach. I spent most of my time writing down helpful hints instead of feeling bad about my weight. Most sites try to “dig deep” into the emotional side of things which is very discouraging, but this site just states the facts I am looking for.

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