How Many Calories Do You Burn While Crying?

When we cry, our bodies are reacting to emotional stimulus caused by stressful situations. Although you tend to feel tired in this sort of state, it has been found that crying has little or no effect on your metabolism. The physical act of crying, however, can cause an increase in movement through shaking and breathlessness, during especially violent outbursts. This in turn causes an increase in heart rate, which is linked to an elevated calorie burn rate.

Having said that, there is little evidence to support the assumption that the question how many calories do you burn while crying makes any sense, as it hasn’t been found to be significantly more than the basic burn rate achieved in a resting state. However, some research has indicated that emotional high and low points, expressed through laughing and crying, can increase your calorie consumption by about 1 kcal per minute.

How Many Calories Do You Burn While Crying

If you ask yourself, how many calories do you burn by crying, you may want to consider peripheral contributions to energy consumption. For example, people in an emotionally unstable state tend to eat less than normal, which reduces the amount of calories consumed. Although this is not directly linked to the act of crying, it is correlated as the two stem from the same condition.

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