How Many Calories Do You Burn Treading Water?

Treading is a way of staying upright with your head above the surface of the water. It is a technique used by lifeguards who must keep themselves afloat whilst swimming with another person. It is also an efficient way to remain afloat in situations that require energy to be conserved. This is because certain treading techniques do not require any motion of the arms. But how many calories do you burn treading water? Keep reading to find out.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Treading Water

The calories burned treading water depend on the technique used. One popular method is known as the eggbeater technique, which involves circling the legs in opposite directions. This is a highly efficient way of remaining upright or propelling yourself in a slow and controlled way. Because this method involves only the lower body, lifeguards can perform first aid while treading water in this fashion. Water polo and other aquatic sports make use of the egg beater technique, as the athletes’ hands remain free to handle the ball. You can read more about this technique here:

A more basic and less efficient method of treading water is known as the flutter kick. Instead of a circular motion as with egg beating, this involves the legs moving up and down asynchronously. This is the swimming technique used during freestyle (crawl) competitions. When used to remain upright, the flutter kick can be a very intensive exercise, often used by the military to strengthen the leg and core muscles.

How many calories you burn treading water for an hour depends on the effort expended. Assuming a body weight of 170 pounds, you will burn around 280 calories per hour treading water at a moderate pace. If you are supporting another person, or are wearing heavy clothes, or are in unstable waters, you are likely to double these calories.

The calories burned treading water 30 minutes will once again depend on effort. You will burn about 140 kcal or 300 kcal per half hour at a moderate or vigorous pace.

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