How Many Calories Do You Burn Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is a great way to get in shape, it’s exciting and strenuous, and a good chance to breathe some fresh air in the countryside. The very first thing you want to do if you are a beginner is to make sure you’re equipped for safety. Get a high quality helmet and ensure that the suspension on your bike is at the right degree of resistance. It is also important to obtain an ergonomic seat, as prolonged biking on a bad seat can result in injury to the groin. The tyres are also very important, and depending on how much biking you want to do off-road, they should be thick enough and studded accordingly. Mountain biking burns significantly more calories than exercise on a regular bicycle. So how many calories do you burn mountain biking?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Mountain Biking

A man weighing 180 pounds will burn 600-630 calories (kcal) per hour mountain biking, but only 235-255 on a flat road at a moderate pace. A woman of 110 pounds will burn 365-385 calories per hour while mountain biking, and about 240-260 bicycling for leisure.

When mountain biking uphill, it is advisable to stand on your pedals, as this will increase power and efficiency. This technique also uses a different group of muscles in your legs, and you will therefore get a more rounded workout. Make sure you stretch your quads, calves and thighs before setting off on your bike. This will prepare your muscles for the activity, and prevent soreness the following day, allowing you to set off again.

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