How Many Calories Do You Burn Kickboxing?

Kickboxing originated in Japan, having evolved from more traditional martial arts such as Karate and Muay Thai. The Japanese began kickboxing tournaments in the 60s. The fad quickly became popular in the US in the 70s, where many instructors developed the martial art and increased the number of kicks and punches to the broad range practiced today. Kickboxing has become one of the main pillars of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions, where the competitors practice kickboxing leg sweeps and high kicks for maximum explosive power.

Many gyms offer kickboxing as a fun way to lose weight. Keep in mind that a lot of these classes are cardio oriented, rather than skill oriented. If you would like to learn real kicking and punching techniques, as well as locks, holds and submissions, you should seek a dedicated martial arts dojo. However, if you are just interested in questions such as how many calories do you burn during kickboxing, then a regular kickboxing gym class is sufficient. More often than not, these classes will not practice one-on-one sparring, or full contact striking. Rather, they just borrow the techniques from the martial art for body conditioning.

So how many calories do you burn kickboxing? The answer to this, like with most other exercises, depends on your weight. If you weigh in at just 130 pounds, you will burn 59 kcal for every 6 minutes of kickboxing. If you are a heavy weight at over 200 pounds, you will burn almost twice this amount.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Kickboxing For An Hour?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Kickboxing

The question of how many calories do you burn kickboxing for an hour is easily answered from the above values. At 130 pounds you will burn approximately 590 calories per hour and at 200 pounds you will burn about 930 kcal/hour. These values assume a high level of exertion. If you do not complete the full range of movements, as they are being demonstrated, then you will not burn the optimum amount of calories.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Kickboxing Cardio Class?

Kickboxing cardio classes are usually a lot of fun, if the teacher knows how to motivate the students. Although these classes are usually dominated by females, some men will often join is as a part of their exercise regime. You may ask: how many calories do you burn kickboxing cardio class? Well the answer depends almost entirely on you. Are you completing as many press ups as possible during the time allotted? Are you doing the jumping jacks as quickly as you can? The teacher can only take you so far, and it is up to you to push yourself to your personal limit.

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