How Many Calories Do You Burn Giving Blood?

When one considers the question: how many calories do you burn giving blood, there is an important distinction to be made between the actual act of donating and the processes surrounding the act. It would be illogical to assume that you burn calories just by moving blood out of your body. So the question how many calories do you burn while giving blood doesn’t actually make any sense. Rather, it is the biological processes that go on in the body as a result of blood loss that require energy. So the question should be reformulated to: how many calories do you burn after giving blood? Read our article below for a discussion on this unorthodox weightloss program.

how many calories giving blood

The production of both red and white blood cells takes place in the bone marrow. As children, almost all of our bones participate in the production of blood. As we grow older, only the largest bones take over this responsibility. The components that end up forming a completed blood cell are constantly being assembled, at the rate of about two million new cells per second. A blood cell, like any other cell, begins its life as a ‘blank’ stem cell. As the stem cell comes closer to maturity, its genes dictate what function it is going to assume. There is a host of complex chemical and biological mechanisms that lead to the materialization of a fully functional blood cell. It is exactly these processes that require a constant supply of energy, and therefore a calorific contribution to continue.

It is estimated that the body requires approximately 600 calories to produce one pint of blood. However, keep in mind that you cannot calculate an immediate loss of 600 kcal after donating blood. This is because the body will require some time to reach equilibrium and manufacture the missing blood after the loss has been registered. Therefore, it may take several days before the lost blood is accounted for and the 600 calories are spread over this time as a result.

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