How Many Calories Do You Burn By Yawning?

The amount of calories burnt yawning is, as many of you probably guessed, not that impressive. You will burn approximately 1 calorie for every yawn, give or take depending on gender age and body mass. This is not actually that different from the basic metabolic burn rate maintained by normal breathing. There is, however, a healthy benefit of yawning that has little to do with asking how many calories do you burn yawning. Recent studies have concluded that the act of yawning decreases the temperature of the brain – which results in an increase in information processing power. So instead of asking how many calories do you burn by yawning, the more appropriate question seems to be how many IQ points do you gain!

How Many Calories do you Burn by Yawning

The brain uses up a high amount of the body’s energy, relative to its mass. And like any computer, overheating inhibits its performance. This is where a deep yawn is able to blow away excess heat from the skull, thereby shrinking blood vessels in the head, which in turn causes a decrease in temperature. If you were wondering how this correlation was determined, researchers measured the rates at which people yawned who were sitting in a cooler environment than a control group. It was found that the people in the cooler rooms yawned less than the control group – thereby indicating that the action of yawning correlates with a decrease in temperature. However, in returning to the title of this article, there is no known advantage in yawning as far as calorie burning is concerned – so don’t make this part of your workout routine! How many calories do you burn while yawning? Answer: 1!

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