How Many Calories Do You Burn By Playing Volleyball?

Volleyball is a great team sport, and can be a lot of fun, especially in good weather on a sand court. So how many calories do you burn by playing volleyball? At 150 pounds, you will burn about 230-240 kcal/hour. At 175 pounds, you will burn around 265-275 calories/hour. If you weigh 200 pounds, your calorie burn rate will be closer to 310-320 kcal per hour.

Calories Do You Burn By Playing Volleyball

How many calories you burn by playing volleyball for 6 hours can then easily be worked out: around 1400 at 150 pounds, 1600 at 175 pounds and 1900 at 200 pounds.

If you’ve ever watched or played the sport, you will notice that a lot of time is spent standing still, waiting for the next serve or pass. On the other hand, when you do have to move, it usually involves very high intensity, explosive movements. As such, you are not training for endurance as much as speed and strength.

If you want to see improved performance on the court, dedicate a considerable amount of time to your core muscles in the gym. Every time you jump for a smash or a serve, a strong core will multiply your power. You can achieve this by working planks into your routine. Start by doing a regular plank 3 times for 1 minute at a time. In addition, work on strengthening your shoulders, by doing supersets with back muscle workout, such as lat pulldowns. This will prevent injury and add strength to your serve.

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