How Many Calories Do You Burn By Horseback Riding?

Although you remain in a seated position whilst on a horse, you will notice very quickly during your first time, that this activity is physically demanding. This is because you are constantly battling to remain in balance and upright, and timing your movements to synchronize with those of the horse. So how many calories do you burn by horseback riding? The answers are listed below for people of different weights riding at different paces.

How Many Calories Do You Burn By Horseback Riding

If you are walking your horse at a leisurely pace and weigh 150 pounds, you burn around 170 calories per hour. At 175 pounds, walking a horse will burn 200 kcal per hour. At 200 pounds, the burn rate is about 230 calories/hour.

How many calories you burn by horse riding is affected a lot by the pace at which you ride. At a medium pace – trotting – a 150-pound person burns 440 kcal/hour. A 175-pound person will expend 520 calories in an hour. A 200-pound person will burn at a rate of 590 kcal in an hour.

At the fastest pace, known as galloping, you will burn 550 calories for every hour of riding, if you weigh 150 pounds. At 175 pounds, galloping will burn 640 kcal for every hour spent riding. At 200 pounds, you will rid yourself of 730 calories per hour.

The values above are quite impressive, considering the fact that the horse is doing most of the moving. It just shows how much effort is require to control the animal and to maintain your position on its back.

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