How Many Calories Do You Burn By Farting?

Some people get a bit desperate when it comes to weight loss. They start wondering which of their daily activities burns enough calories to warrant increasing the frequency. We get questions about calorie consumption in a host of different scenarios. But perhaps the strangest question posed to date is: how many calories do you burn by farting? Read our article below to find out the answer to this.

calories burned farting

If you take a moment to think about this, the answer is rather obvious: none! When you fart, your muscles relax and the gas pressure in your bowels do all the work in expelling the gas. The only way you would achieve a measureable figure in the calories burned farting is if you really strained yourself to the limit. If you experience painful gas, this may cause a feeling of discomfort and urgency. This in turn can raise your heart rate to a level sufficient to burn calories. However, it is unlikely that your heart rate will be in the fat burning zone long enough to have any appreciable effect.

Therefore, it seems that even if you experienced the most violent fart imaginable, it would be difficult to burn any excess calories unless you started doing squats and lunges to assist the expulsion of air. So it is not worth considering flatulence as an unorthodox method of weight loss. Stick to the treadmill for now.

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