How Many Calories Do You Burn By Adjusting Meal Times?

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is affected significantly by the frequency and size of your meals during the day. Any adjustment in meal times will bring about a different burn rate and hence a different calorie consumption. So how many calories do you burn by adjusting meal times? It turns out that you can burn up to 20% more just by following some basic guidelines. This translated to about 400 calories for an adult male and 300 calories for a female.

How Many Calories Do You Burn By Adjusting Meal Times

Sumo wrestlers eat only twice a day in order to gain weight. If you wish to lose weight, you must increase the frequency of your meals to one every 1-2 hours. The reason for this is that your body’s metabolism is finely tuned to interpret the regularity of food consumption as a measure of your access to food. If you let several hours go by between meals, your system interprets this as a sign to activate ‘starvation mode’, and it will begin to store energy whenever possible. This translates to an increase in weight. On the other hand, if you supply your body with a regular input of light meals, your digestive system knows it does not need to store much, as the next energy boost is never far away.

In addition to eating at regular intervals, you should stop eating at least 2 hours before going to bed. The reason for this is simple: you burn significantly less calories while asleep, and so any food being digested in this state is more likely to be stored as energy. As a rule of thumb, high calorie foods and carbs should be consumed in the morning, so that they can be burned throughout the day.

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