Here I am on Day 28 of P90X

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been doing P90X for almost a month now. 28 days have gone and looking at the before and after pictures there seems to be quite a decent difference. I’ve been told to really look at the before and afters around the day 60 mark to notice some real differences. P90X is an awesome workout and unlike any other workouts I’ve tried, I still haven’t lost interest.

So now that the first month is over I go from Phase I to Phase II. Interestingly while Phase I is called the fat shredder from what I’ve heard most of the fat loss comes from Phase II even though we consume a little more carbs. In terms of absolute numbers, I’ve gone from 155 pounds to 153 pounds, a body fat percentage of 22% to 19% and a resting heart rate of 65. This is after just thirty days, imagine what the ninety day mark might do for me.

I’m doing Kenpo X today and that marks the end of week4 (which is called the recovery week) and tomorrow i start week 5. Exciting Stuff, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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