Gym Etiquette

A gym is not just a place to go and vent frustration and excess energy. It’s also a place in which we work to strengthen our bodies and concentrate. It’s important to remember that we share the gym floor with like-minded people who are there for the same reason as you. The gym is meant to offer respite from the stress of the outside world, and this is only possible if we follow some basic codes of conduct.

Gym Etiquette

Use a Towel

When working out on any machine, or lying on any bench, make sure to use a towel to separate your sweat from the surface. Using a piece of equipment that is covered in sweat is not conducive to a pleasant gym session.

Don’t Hog

When you rest, get up and allow others to jump in before your next set. Don’t sit resting on a machine, as this is time in which someone else could be doing something useful. If someone is standing close to your workout area, be aware of them and offer to change places between each set.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Don’t shout or laugh with your friends in the gym. You’re there to work, not have a good time. You’re disturbing other people’s concentration.

Also don’t offer unsolicited advice to people – nobody likes this. You may very well know a more effective way of performing the exercise, but nobody asked you, so keep your guidance to those who ask for it.

Don’t approach women on the gym floor looking for a date – it’s not a singles bar, and she’s there to work out.

Finally, although it is advisable to exhale strongly at each rep, it’s not necessary to moan and scream like a woman in labour.

Put it Back

This is an obvious one: when you’re done with a set of weights, put them back where you found them. Don’t just leave them lying next to where you were using them, or it will take the next guy much longer to find them.

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