Good Fat VS Bad Fat

A recent study conducted at Cambridge University indicates that maintaining a low fat diet is only effective at preventing heart disease if good fat is consumed. The study was conducted with over 20,000 participants over the age of 45. That means it’s time to take the good vs. bad fat talk seriously and start segregating your foods.

So which fats are good for you? Unsurprisingly it’s the ones that taste the worst, such as nuts, seeds, fish, avodacos and vegetable based oils – anything with Omega 6. These will keep your arteries from clogging up and prevent heart problems. Which fats are the bad ones? Pretty much anything you find at fast food joints, such as deep fried meat, chips, batter and mayonnaise. The worst possible type of fat is trans fat, which is effectively a double barrelled shotgun aimed straight at your heart, in that it both raises your bad cholesterol levels and lowers your good cholesterol levels. The interesting part of the study is that the people who cut out the bad fats did not protect themselves as much from heart disease as those that both cut out the bad fats and maintained the intake of good fats.

Once again it seems that the individual constituents of our meals are not as important as the combinations that we consume. Suddenly imposing a ‘no fat’ policy in your diet is not the way to go. Rather you should create a healthier balance and not be adamant about excluding everything that doesn’t have 0% fat. Remember also that it isn’t fat, but carbohydrates, that will make you gain weight.

The study is by far the most accurate so far because the participants had their blood tested before and after the change of diets. The blood works showed that the cholesterol responded to a reduction of bad fat, but responded even better to a reduction of bad fat and an increase in good fat.

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