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If you have ever thought about starting a fitness blog and didn’t do it because of the possible technical challenges amongst them then now’s your chance. For a limited time I will setup a blog for you and give you instructions on how best to go about posting and other basic blog maintenance tasks. Why would you want to setup your own fitness blog? Here’s why:

1. If you’re trying to or are losing weight, this is a great way to record what you’re doing and how its going, on top of which the visitors to your blog will encourage you and help keep you going.

2. When you run your own blog and talk to other weight loss bloggers you will be more up to date on what works and doesnt work in this industry.

3. In the event that you’re blog gets popular then you stand to make money in the same process.

4. You will find likeminded people who are trying to do exactly what you’re doing.

Whats the catch?

Well all you have to do is sign up for hosting on my refferal link from the host i’m using. It’s the way I make something and am able to provide you with this site without you having to pay me for it. Web Hosting is the place where your new website will be stored on the internet. When someone types in your website address on their computer (e.g your new website will appear on their screen.

What do you get:

Once you sign up for the hosting and give me the login details, i will install the blog for you, setup a theme and get you started. I will also show you how to post and keep your blog running, meanwhile you can slowly learn what it means to run your own blog.

What will it cost me?

You need to buy a domain name, for a .com that will cost you US 9.99 and then its US$ 7.95 per month on the hosting. That’s all. And of course a little bit of your time whenever you want to post something on the blog.

So if you’re interested send me a mail to kahthan @ or use the contact page above.

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  1. Chad says:

    I want to get a fitness blog going for my Team Beach Body Business, can you help me?

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