Fun Fitness Exercises

Fun Fitness Exercises
I believe that fun fitness exercises, like the one’s I am about to describe below, are an essential part of keeping fit and healthy. Essential because, as time goes by, there is only so much variety you can create when working on in a gym, or even with a home based workout like P90X or Insanity.

Let’s look at my top five:

1. The Outdoors
Generally on average the majority of people very rarely experience the outdoors. When I say outdoors, even going for a walk or a jog would do. Ideally I’d recommend something a bit more adventurous like a hike or something that involves the fresh air of mountains. But, since that can be a little difficult, I’d say stick to walking, jogging outside, and if you already do, then try a different location. A change of scenery can do wonders.

2. Sign-up for a Martial Arts Class
This is also a lot of fun, and is fantastic for fitness levels as well. Sign up for a class, for something like Kickboxing, Karate or even Kung Fu. Take it slow though, as their pre-class fitness exercises can be a real killer. Adding this to your weekly routine could really give you the variety that you might have been looking for.

3. Workout with a Friend
While this isn’t really an exercise. Working out with someone else can be a massive boost and really help drive your workouts to the next level. Ideally workout with someone who is either at your level of fitness (so that you can egg each other on and generally motivate) or someone higher (whom you can use as a target to either match or surpass). The activities could be anything, from working out at he Gym to walking, jogging or running.

4. Yoga
If you haven’t tried Yoga, you must. From all of the exercises listed here, this is probably a must for everyone. Your body will gain a strength that no other exercise will provide. You gain balance and in a one and a half hour workout, will sweat and burn calories like you would not image. You will also exercise muscles that are normally very hard to hit.

5. Dancing
One of the more interesting fun fitness exercises. The best part is that it is a great way to meet new people. Especially of the opposite sex. Dances like the Salsa will get your working up a good sweat and its fat burning exercise that is low impact and you can go on for ages doing it.

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