Foods High in Iron

So is flesh tougher than steel? Er, iron, I mean. That’s what the wrestling fans think whenever these gargantuan individuals bring down the ring every once in a while. No matter which civilization you pick, the metal ‘iron’ is a symbol of strength, vitality and power. The very reason why strong men are often associated with this commonly- known metal…

Yet it is no different when it comes to the compound known as iron and which is needed by the body (in the form of hemoglobin) in order to carry oxygen from our lungs to the tissues, and the lack of which causes anemia. In matters of weight loss, it is vital to consume appreciable amount of iron as this produces more red blood cells that will burn calories and fat as well.

Another big plus with consuming foods with iron is the fact that you tend to be more active as opposed to not having iron- rich foods at all.

So here is a list of foods high in iron:

#1: Dried herbs

Perhaps one of the most longstanding uses of these herbs has been for medicine, thanks to high nutrient content that is available in these herbs. Amongst the lot, Dried Thyme contains the most Iron which is almost 124 mg per 100 g serving. Parsley, Spearmint, Black pepper, dried Oregano, Coriander, Basil and Terragon are also among the dried herb that contains Iron in substantial quantities.

#2: Chocolate and Cocoa powder

Pure cocoa powder will give you the most iron at 36 mg per 100 g while unsweetened baking chocolate will give you 17.4 mg per 100 g.

#3: Liver

Considered a cure for anemia, all forms of animal liver provides a good amount of iron with Duck liver at about 30.5 mg per 100 g amongst the lot.

#4: Mussels, Oysters and Clams

Shellfish that has recently been in the news is normally eaten in several forms. Amongst the lot, clam provides 28 mg per 100 g serving while mussels give about 6.72 mg per 100 g serving.


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